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drummerlotte wrote in esandelsales
  • We are emptiness_fills and drummerlotte. Both of us are selling together, so either of us can answer any questions you may have.
  • Everything we sell is second hand, overall the status of the items are good, see the descriptions for specific comments about the status of the items. If you want more info about a specific item, please ask.
  • Prices do not include shipping and handling.
  • Items are first enquired first served. Do please mention if you do or do not want the item, so the next person in line does not have to wait unnecessarily.
  • We will hold an item for you, but not indefinitely and we would like a 10% advance to make sure we aren't holding the items for nothing.
  • We will consider trades, drummerlotte's wishlist is here, emptyness_fill's has no wishlist.
  • If you feel the price of an item is too high, you are welcome to make an offer.
  • Feedback can be found here.

  • All payments must be made in Euros (€).
  • We accept: Paypal, Western Union, Bank transfer and Cash.
  • Paypal is the prefered method of payment and to avoid confusion I should mention, you do not have to pay the fees.
  • Should you pay by Bank transfer, any cost that may occur is on the buyer. As far as I know within the EU (with IBAN en BIC) it is free and outside the EU it is 0.1% of the amount with a minimum of €7.
  • Cash can be send by snail mail, but this method is entirely at the risk of the buyer. Should you be in Amsterdam meet-ups can be arranged.

  • We will ship worldwide. For shipping & handling quotes leave a comment.
  • We ship from the Netherlands.
  • We ship using the Dutch postal service TNTPost. They offer all sorts of methods of shipping, with or without tracking, insurance or not, express or regular.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any lost mail. We will try and help you sort it out with the post office, though.

For further information, more pictures/details, either PM us or leave a comment.
In case you cannot leave a comment/message us for whatever reason you can send an email to this address:

If you would like to leave feedback for a transaction you are welcome to do so by leaving a comment here.

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Hi there, is this community still active?

I'm interested in something here

Re: Hi there, is this community still active?

Yes, we are still active. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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